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Frequently Asked Questions 

How does it work with setting up available appointment times?
You are able to set up your available appointments for any days and times that you like. The appointment calendar is able to be completely customised. 

You can also block out dates and times throughout the year as well as cancel appointments times if you need to.

Can reps book more than one appointment at a time?
Reps can only book in for one appointment at a time.

Can I control which reps can make appointments?
You can control which reps can make appointments in different ways, depending on your clinic and doctors wants and needs.  

You are able to select which organisations you would like appointments to be available to as well as control which reps can book in on which days. For example, if you would only like your appointment time on a Tuesday to be available to specialist reps, you are able to customise your appointment to this.

As well, you can also set your account up so that reps must request permission prior to being able to make an appointment, giving you even more control over which reps your practice would like to see.

Can I send reps specific instructions regarding the appointment?
You are able to send reps instructions on any items you would like them to bring for the meeting, the same way you would if they came into the practice to make the booking. There is a text box in which you can send details such as lunch, coffee, or specific products the doctors may have requested.

Is it easy to change from our current paper system?
Yes! We are happy to assist with the transition from your current system. Simply email us your old paper calendar at support@rxtro.com and our team will input any existing appointments into your new RxTro appointment calendar.